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Non-Alcohol Turnkey Barn Event Center
Creating Positive Ripples In The World!

Our Event Space – for the Event of Your Choice

Choose the non-alcohol event you want: retreat, concert, wedding, birthday party, you dream it, Ripple Retreat provides the creative space for that dream to come to life!

When you choose Ripple Retreat for your space you get the entire facility & grounds: the 6 bedroom fully furnished 3,000 sq ft home that sleeps 12, the welcome center, the barn and amphitheater, on 11 acres.

When you choose Ripple Retreat, you choose to help your family, the town of West Paris, a charity of your choice, Pink Feather Foundation & to rescue a homeless family.

You choose to help “Create a Positive Ripple”

Ripple Retreat Event Space

About Ripple Retreat


My vision is to inspire those ready to help make a positive ripple in their own life so that they may create positive ripples in their world. My vision is to operate a company that enhances the community it’s in, that gives more than it receives. My vision is to help one homeless family a hear to help themselves off the street and off assistance by giving them the tools and assistance needed.

Doors to open for profit to the community, September 15, 2024. Until then, every event held at Ripple Retreat is free as long as 100% of the proceeds go to charity.


To create Positive Ripples in the world, by providing you the space for your event, your Positive Ripple, helping neighbors, community and the world. Leading by example of what it means to help your neighbor starting right here at 186R Main Street, West Paris, Maine, where every event held at Ripple Retreat will create a Positive Ripple in someone’s World…a butterfly effect. Currently when you entrust Ripple Retreat to inspire your conscious growth, your purchase goes towards:

A Charity of Your Choice
The Town of West Paris
The Secret Pebble Program
The Pink Feather Foundation

How? Ripple Retreat vows to give 75% of all profit to those mentioned and of that, 25% goes to a charity of your choice. Ripple Retreat also vows to help one homeless family help themselves off the street a year.

Your Ripple…

We are all making a ripple in life, pause just for a moment and think of all the people in your world you’ll affect today … how about yesterday, what kind of impact did you make yesterday? Positive or Negative it is your choice, it’s up to you. Ripple Retreat is here to help you choose the Positive Ripple you want in life!


Please remember to pause, love yourself, and be aware of your Ripple!

If you are interested in creating your own event, your own positive ripple, then please reach out, if you want to help in my cause without an event, then please donate at GoFundMe or provide a hand in the remodel. This is a group/community effort for the community.

With Love and Gratitude,